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I like these songs a lot. I've been hearing it play in my head and getting great sensations through atomoxetine, an ADHD non-stimulant choice of medicine. What I can say about my time on earth is I gone done it all. I've run across the interstate 90 freeway in Inland Empire (So. Cal) on both oncoming sides, where a single misstep in running would mean death. I also took trespass to hacking limit, owning the machines of the likes of:

  • .QA (Qatar)
  • .BZ (Belize)
  • .TW (Taiwan)
  • .IN (India)
  • .ER (Eritrea)
  • .SM (San Marino)
  • .SB (pijin.com.sb)
  • .PK (Pakistan)
  • .SH (St. Helena)
  • .AC (Ascension Islands)
  • .UZ (Uzbekistan)

Sun April 28th, 4:13PM-

I had also the root uid0 for '.kz' domain. The KZ domain, Khazkhstan is a famous nation, known 🌍✍🏻worldwide.

My connects to minimum wage work involve that I was a back end side defender of precious internet domain servers. I will put 'cogn.ac' as my last job at say, Starbucks or McDonalds - or better. We'll try it out and document here :).  

This was through a large network of approaches using BIND TSIG "CVE" and nmap. Cyber keyboard warrior I was, tried for .mn but was  with fierce resistance.


I didn’t know I could tap into the vast untold with terabyte disk space until an acquaintance sorted it out.  A microSDXC 0.5~1.5 TB offers impactful storage for more of your photography and video. It provides storage for documents and more, 📸 all the while being fast enough to be your Recollection for every one of your best moments🚰

These names got me insider access to knowing about BIND, coding, the domain people, to knowing about TRAFFIC.com and dnJournal.com. They took me to perspective, a Stanford, and a Rod Beckstrom CEO of ICANN pre-newgTLD era. A life of an ex-CityDrinker startup employee I was and (not that, albeit) things opted me to value small startups on LinkedIn. that has not fared much for me. My era is due for 🚏 mastery of the potential GED soon. As in, the subjects ideally will hotknife like butter, through the GED's energizing efforts. I'm so excited; the atomoxetine yoga-like meditation will bring edges of clarity, and the potential will to  come find me for work will select me on LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter.

Let's consider, what do I love? I've always been at the eye of spectator, never taking love or passion to what I can learn. I like Stanford University and old Palo Alto avenue. From my family advantage as elite scholar stuff goes, I could have had Stanford already from my pharmaceutical industry involved relatives. That isn't going to help me. Only a GED will do it. 🔥 the only value is merit, so I'm getting the go-ahead from divine to begin GED here. That should be a remedy for a lot of old poisons, pains, lack of psychoactive entheogens and a  lack of wife/mate to call my own. 

Growing up I had this step-uncle who set me up with international coins from his travels across the earth as a young boy. His extended message of power in pharmaceutical such as many Wall Street like millions from his Forbes 50 most powerful women wife, and successes in inventing medicine 🧑‍🔬 "material sciences" was received as success. In case anyone wondered, I'm 41 years old. I would like to carry this to education or earth benefit forward. It depends! Vision and Experience matter but people is number ONE to get hired. A woman said her tattoos got her rejected for a job, but experts say personality is far more important (msn.com).

My first software "shareware" game was Hugo's House of Horrors, a small disk set.

Here's me on ZDNet:

New Tab (zdnet.com)

NEW: Now  "In the Wild" follows work-related opportunity in my life. Follow me, Charles, as I grow. 


🌴✨🖥🦮 I was skeptical about the possibility of storing 0.5-2 TB of data on such single tiny disks, but a friend sorted it out. These microSD disks with their USB 3.0 adapter offer more than just high-speed compatibility with 4K UHD photography and video, they are perfect for compact use in everyday content creation. Despite providing an immense storage capacity and modern speeds in such a small form factor, these storage devices are also compatible with disk-partitioning utilities. They serve as a reliable backup solution for unforeseen troubles. Support for MacOS is available. 🌀 🔍

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