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Ending my homeless chapter, after decades

Talked to the public guardian conservator office representitve concerning my release time from the Cordilleras "MHRC" hospital and I was told to sleep less and attend more groups, so I'll be working on that approach to see if it lets me out. I took a couple pictures in the hospital when I went to group this afternoon, hope you enjoy ☕️.

My Recovery Journey Through Mental Health Recovery Redwood City

I took photos in an art group. Cordilleras utilizes a 'point system' to exchange for toothpaste, soap, and other essential items that benefit the circumstance over poverty. Points are given for showering, doing laundry, making the bed, combing the hair, changing clothes, and brushing the teeth. Points are also given for attending scheduled groups. The points can be spent at the "points store" 🏬 to benefit the life of the patient.

I'm currently conservator kept, so I can't exit yet. This is a county hold, for purpose of mental health rehabilitation. Redwood City is a cool place. I am most fond of it, from its stunning wildlife to its welcoming of a dev ops engineer Charles Thompson, at Shopkick or Snowflake- two companies there. Redwood City is also home to Oracle, a software company. So I do like it here! Plus, I forgot to mention, they have marijuana shopfronts to get all the recreational health things I need. Having some kratom at Cordilleras would be like owning a small MP3 player for a bit. 

Sadly, they didn't agree. ★ I am going to be flexing into code soon. Probably after I'm gone from here. My ideal job is minimum wage, as I have a concealed GEshtu-E and it will benefit me later.


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