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About me: How I'm doing, I'm Chuck. Hi.

Okay. So I watched some cool videos on Youtube about communism. I wanted to know whats it is and why the Americans hate it. I was bored. Then my friend Dan just comes on FB.com talking about TikTok and its socialism appeal. I really enjoy capitalism and made well with a .cam domain name purchase. I have little imagination about what a '.cam' extension means but it sounds interesting when compared to '.info', another domain extension. As for mental health, I'm faring a bit pale because I'm not getting much direct sunlight.

I dislike the bay area for this reason, the reason that you don't get a lot of good sun exposure. When I was young I'd be in the heat of Lake Elsinore, with sun tanning my arms very well. If I had my choice for weather between Los Angeles, Riverside, and Northern California Bay Area I'd choose Los Angeles. When DevOps is my skill paid for for the $1700 training  on Techworld with Nana with my hard earned minimum wage cheese I'll use my ccTLD experience as a rare card to be a DevOps engineer. 

A long time ago I got into DNS and mail servers by using IRC and having fun zone riding domain names was astoundingly rare and fun. I hopped from rav.er to orga.sm and back again. I had reverse DNS authority handled by my ISP at ez2.net. I lived in Murrieta. Im 41 now, so that was 25-27 years ago. I know what I do, I have ran UNIX BIND from ISC here in Redwood City on my laptop, the Macbook Air. It compiles just fine in MacOS. My young adulthood was spent figuring out where I am between domain investors ("domain people") and DNS core. I decided I did for DevOps more. WHen I exploited BitchX it was fun, the ANSI digitizer code in the core just dumped itself out and everyone left IRC that day from #BitchX. 

I'm much splendid today. I have united with my domain name of dreams, Riddle., Cam, and am not so sure what I want to do with it. It seems really well done on the idea of photographic memory, or the old saying "one picture is worth 100 words". This, and Bye.cam are my favorite names. I'll continue to produce in Silicon Valley as long as I live.  While napster didn't necessarily invite me around, the hacker ✨ of DNS certainly made affiliation for larger business appeal. Big names such as CityDrinker adorn my resume. What I'll do is some consistent practice and minting of DevOps through devotion to published materials. As I learn I will build curiousity for the subject.

I am at the following features for Python.

'dir()' reveals all current modules in the REPL. Doing import sys, then doing dir() will show it is there. Doing dir(sys) will show what's connected to 'sys' that was just imported. There is also the objexplore too for explore(sys) would show in a arrow list of ncurses what to use and all. I'm going to be doing some code soon so stand by!

NameLix.com Logo Generator Provides Sense of Value in my New Domain


Set up discrete storage with Ubuntu Linux

🌴✨🖥🦮 I was skeptical about the possibility of storing 0.5-2 TB of data on such single tiny disks, but a friend sorted it out. These microSD disks with their USB 3.0 adapter offer more than just high-speed compatibility with 4K UHD photography and video, they are perfect for compact use in everyday content creation. Despite providing an immense storage capacity and modern speeds in such a small form factor, these storage devices are also compatible with disk-partitioning utilities. They serve as a reliable backup solution for unforeseen troubles. Support for MacOS is available. 🌀 🔍

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