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AllBud.com's an example of how i want Dankweed.com to find business. I see it lacks attention to Belmont which had a recreational cannabis tax referendum recently, listed for itself in the news it was. I am so excited! Schedule III in many a marijuana! So in two years it'll be like Xanax or special K. Maybe less!

So I want to be your one ounce partner to smoke, go on video 📹🌐 and document these fine cannabis products with sharp creative wits. The name itself should represent a librarian to few. The German language, with its legal marijuana situation, considers 'dank weed' to mean "Thanks for the Weed". 

Click it for news! 🇺🇸 Marijuana Schedule III 🔥 On with the DOJ 👨🏼‍⚖️.

Actually I do not have to 'compete' against Allbud.com, they simply have what I need to win at the pharmacological marijuana business property which helps ill people. 

EDITED: Wow dude, were on to banking and cannabis! 💯

💌 Shipped with LOVE from you know who. I might trademark my name.

  • In case you don't know what Schedule III means for marijuana boutique pharmacies, check this out 👇



🌴✨🖥🦮 I was skeptical about the possibility of storing 0.5-2 TB of data on such single tiny disks, but a friend sorted it out. These microSD disks with their USB 3.0 adapter offer more than just high-speed compatibility with 4K UHD photography and video, they are perfect for compact use in everyday content creation. Despite providing an immense storage capacity and modern speeds in such a small form factor, these storage devices are also compatible with disk-partitioning utilities. They serve as a reliable backup solution for unforeseen troubles. Support for MacOS is available. 🌀 🔍


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