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Our Theme Song 🕍 from the 90's Era


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In a hidden alcove, where shadows play,

A bhang cannabis table stands today.

Its surface, cool as moon-kissed stone,

Carved from ancient red marble, worn.


Sleeved iron legs support its weight,

A sturdy frame that defies time's fate.

Upon this table, secrets are shared,

As fragrant smoke curls through the air.


Welcome aboard the crazy trip, they say,

Circle of fools, watch your step, don't sway.

The brew prepared by the guys and I,

Taste it—makes you strong, makes you fly.


La la, la la la, la la,

We pretend we're all that, oh so high.

Enjoying ourselves, down and out we sway,

Failed but undeterred, no doubt, we stay.


Care for some sweets to chase your drink?

Thirsty wanderer, don't rush, take a link.

No, no, no, you can't yet go,

First things first, let the brew flow.


Delicious, isn't it? You feel alive,

A little space, a little dive.

Not feeling well? What's wrong with your face?

We goofed again, but we'll find our place.


Holy smokes! We'll try once more,

Behind the pen, we'll brew and explore.

Welcome aboard, fellow traveler, say hi,

Down and out, yet soaring the sky.


La la, la la la, la la,

We're all that, in our own peculiar way.

Enjoying ourselves, down and out we sway,

Failed but undeterred, no doubt, we stay.


So gather 'round, seekers of the sublime,

Where cannabis meets KMFDM's rhyme.

In this hazy sanctuary, we find our route,

Down and out, yet dancing without a doubt.


And when the bhang mixes with our veins,

We'll write new verses, break old chains.

The cannabis table, our muse and guide,

As we journey together, side by side.

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How is Life at Cordilleras?

Hey all, this is Charles Thompson from ZFY: "Mixed" Systems. I wanted to update my audience about what's going on. So far I've obtained more minimal of camera feature which I've found in the Pixel 5 phone auxiliary that I've approached content with. I am winding down on TikTok for content purposes here on out. Although its purpose wont be forgotten, TikTok your legal hassle got me into feeling un-American so I go to Youtube plus Instagram and its fun being an American 🇺🇸.

... Future plans of ZFY, and moving forward?

To fix embedded ideas into to what you are writing is the elementalism of proper Python code. Letting the suggestion take me forth, so to speak ,would arise in a multitude of world governments firing rifles of military majesty. So in this situation, being the DNS hacker, but not wanting fear, I've opened up to ns.gov.uz to see if I could have a root password so I could  be a sys admin, again.

Part of what was fear antics by British Broadcasting Corporation involving the ".IE" (Connect Ireland) name was so long ago, but I wanted to see if I could get my hands on again with some of these majestic DNS zone entries done in their Linux BIND zone file configuration.

in with IN THE WILD (a "World Hacker Prestige" Exclusive)


So far my movement with Mixed Systems will be temporary but I might rename the "zonefileyouth.com" site to it exclusively. Renaming my entire blog/site is not a difficult operation but I have to shut the site down. To ya'll that wanted to know me, I'm Charles Thompson the sitemaster. I edit the video, am backed with entry to Internet Systems, provided with an A+ at a Junior College. You should catch up on me to find to my latest representation of skills/experience to catch a job. For this you can visit "IN THE WILD" 👆🔥 

For Python and zsh/bash scripting I deliver to the hands of this the best of Linux and virtualization concepts through the dazzle that can only be produced by having conscious-absorbed second-hand use of instructions provided within manuals per practical function uses on case-by-case basis that you could envision at a corporation. If your commercial need wants to see my resume for CityDrinker, let me know.



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What is Zone File Youth?

The family and startup company that sent me mindlessly on my way to Palo Alto (Peninsula of the Bay Area) and Stanford consisted of step-aunt and step-uncle's status of affilation. They were elite pharmaceutical board members and million dollar investors of acadamia (namely Ohio State University). My IMDB featured-aunt was the founder of Illumination Entertainment (of the Minions or "Secret Life of Pets, both in theaters), and a step-uncle that was Stanford affiliated.

What Brought Him to Town (Atherton, CA)

Then, after I left a CityDrinker in 2018 to find that Palantir,   saw me a security threat after a hysterical character-threat. The Palantir mafia attacked me with restraining orders and I had to fight a felony charge they accused me of. That did not hurt as much as it looks.

I am now the 41 year old of my Regeneron/Illumination/Ohio State University generousity within a childhood estate, raging over it as a millennial that had practiced hacking 11 🌐 ccTLD names at. I  knew the background on backdoors and had  root on my own 'ns.uz'. That was childhood, the year range was 1998-2001, and now it is 2024. I'm proud to be the owner of sleeves.tv by the way of Mixed.cam!

For Those Who Stop By 🌐

Thank you for coming. But those I don't know, I lived on the street of Palo Alto/Mountain View Castro St. for over a decade. I never found myself in the wrong place.  If you have never heard of me, this is the perfect place to learn about me or associate ways I provide with your own desires to collaborate.

The case for Stanford undergrad continues, it is in at a next-chapter phase. I got my ban lifted for medical care by contacting the Provost of Stanford. Stanford Health was an awesome experience, as I'm currently roping for opportunity after a personal emergency (experience with the County Public Guardian). For the potential employment by Snowflake.com's advertised attraction targeted for software developers I have made myself known by commenting I want "Python Linux DevOps". I see it as an advantage to go to Snowflake because I like Redwood City. I want to get the bicycle from the bicycle shop near the Caltrain station. There are numerous colors but only one suits my canvas of represent. 🎓 accomplishing a GED is possible 🚏

If you like more I apply myself document about personal advantage and a suit to taste. I wish for all involved to I don't have a GED 📚 correlate maybe we could trade AI chat "femdolls" on Linkly.


Else? 🛅

Finish learning about me by 👉🏻 Chuck at Redwood (mixed.cam) 🔥 : Don't miss me at My Personal Blog/Vlog 🎯 (mixed.cam), a new blog post is in that area that adds a touch to what I am representing here. The site's Hands-on "In the Wild" section is about personal pursuits, mainly technology. Welcome! 





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