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Hello, world! 🌐

I am going to be doing video and writing here in my personal blog.

New Domain Name 🧺🐐🎓 Finishing, "*.cam" 🛒🛍 shopping and now for Python 3...

Thanks for checking me out! I am listening to some songs. I want to share Amazon music here, but I need more traffic.

California 🌐Ahead

California supports its homeless. One resource says the homeless in San Francisco get free alcohol. Another up-to-date publication I read says that Gavin Newsom (California governor) is giving gift cards worth up to $599 each month, to stimulant users. They are rewards in exchange for taking pledged abstinence from their stimulant  habits. What do you think? Leave a comment.

I am not fond of where these mental health situations leave me. They always leave me on my own. I am going to some bored and care dump-a-patient. Actually the social workers are not supposed to just dump you. Wherever they send me I hope the food is decent and that there's Wifi. Usually its some really poor existence and I do have support. I got a friend, Daniel, to support me with an Android smartphone after I toasted the last one (Pixel 7 Pro I bought. Daniel will do a gift package each month, I am waiting to get Kratom mailed or a medical marijuana gift card if they make them.

I have to get a job though. Like, seriously - there is no exception because SSI alone is dangerous to life expectancy in probably 67% of United States states. Seeing as rent and food is always over $1000 in the California bay area peninsula region I have to work to prevent disease.  I have to renew all my domains too, so I'm working on a friend to help with that, but my work income is my number one way to age the domains for sale. It wont be too bad, I plan on doing the domains for extra cash and even maybe unlocking web design 🎓or 🛒 GED.

Today's wrap up

DUDE, you wont believe! I got an amazing '.cam' domain. It is earth shattering to find it, and was quick and painless to register. I also noticed it is a very popular domain taken among the many registries. I like ns.uz, and you should see their features at their website. What I see is that all the recent purchases are shown there, somewhat masked for privacy feature, of course. So people really do buy .UZ names. The only DNS Network Information Center that I have from back then is TWNIC. That's ns.twnic.net.tw from back end IRC days. They do follow me on Twitter. Join up

If you go to my site and support my cause follow me on Youtube: @zonefileyouth

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Getting out of the mental health hold!

Standard work bootcamp: MacOS UNIX familiarity 🆒🌐

I was reviewing this and I realize that I have a mind that is wired well in black-hat hacking, with some traces of grey forming. I know that my cranial base could seriously develop some UNIX based code. My thining hair really sucks but I will continue to be "unphazed" by things as I produce lively content. Dude did you know I could have been friends with Napster, he and his girlfriend spent about 30-60 minutes messing around with me, like horseplaying like. 

Recovering from burn out but made a piece reviewing Cordilleras' eating area.

Hello everyone, Charles Thompson here at Cordolaris, where it's nearly dinner time and I'm queued up for what promises to be a delightful meal. Today's menu offers a choice between imported pasta with chicken or a variety of sandwiches, ranging from cheese to egg to peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, the standard meal doesn't include seconds. At Cordolaris, where the norm is three meals a day, the staff ensures service is swift and efficient, keeping any disruptive behavior at bay. I've come to believe that Cordolaris might be managed by law enforcement, but given my current homeless state and lack of skills in a knowledge-driven society, this doesn't trouble me. My plan is to earn a minimum wage and save for a coding boot camp, as these programs often allow you to defer some of the tuition from your initial salary. I see it as an excellent opportunity to become a contributing programmer on platforms like GitHub. With my understanding of tools like T-Mux, Linux internals, and other aspects of computer operating systems, I'm well-prepared for the financial freedom that a tech career can offer. That's why enrolling in a tech boot camp seems like a logical step. I intend to scrutinize the boot camp's operations and their job placement success post-training.

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Social Media Anxiety is real 🤙🏻

Getting my MD to sign this post! medicines.ink prescription please :)

🏧💊✨🎶 mixed.cam,\ - a hidden refreshment

Changing History in Africa 💯🐐

The man, Chuck, that caused changes Eritrea's IANA '.ER' country-code DNS record's "Technical Contact" in decades recorded history, is reborn. The now Chuck that we have come to know and association is possible through skill and DevOps. My mixed.cam page zone, a piece 🧩 of the internet history, was hand-picked myself.  .ER is a DNS records table that has existed since 1996. Late last year I decided to overcome my personal emergency that made me feign off employment for so long.

In case you missed me, I'm here! Easy to spot, got a sleeves.tv domain to spot me, so bookmark Ctrl+D. I'm currently escaping the pits of minimum wage by entering Python for DevOps soon. I have divested use of TikTok because it does not feel American to use but still post here at Youtube, and my blog. Chuck, holds the "jewelry of the internet" in historical mention, boasting 11 ccTLDs hacked in a worldwide joyriding spree they lasted me from 1998 to 2001 and was an ultimate power in ethics and responsibility. Although that power structure was attacked by bullies painting it against me the right ethics are now how I can carry employment in #tech, much preferring Silicon Valley -Palo Alto, San Jose, and Redwood City. cogn.ac and orga.sm were some fine DNS zone file edits from the delegated servers responsible.

The word is notorious, not nefarious 🥾
Virtual country 'nuked' in cyberwar | ZDNET
BBC News | Sci/Tech | Virtual country 'nuked' on Net
First Virtual War - Slashdot

 In this video I talk about being ban-lifted from a Stanford.EDU email response after sleeping there for months.

I don't need the "CVE" code of MITRE to reference, but I'm overqualified for a data entry job.

Still a dropout, sadly 🎓

Apparently, this technical job/life update "credential" is being experienced at BIND at the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code, with a resume.

A Life of Experience - Revisiting Technology!

 Chuck, nicked, 'goat' over EFNet IRC. He also found in the BitchX IRC client, by panasync, that there was a bug. As he commented in versions.txt, it was in the ANSI functions of the C code. So I was a teenage boy that found a 0day exploit for BitchX that forced it to dump core. After ANSI glitching BitchX, my life& perspectives of a millennial were filled with luck & fun. Being accomplished with a working in-the-wild DoS attack code for BitchX.com's IRC client was fun and rewarding.

Thank you for watching 👑 

About CityDrinker

In August of 2018 I left CityDrinker, Inc. 🗡 to pursue a calling in employment I felt was more aligned to Menlo Park and Palo Alto (of the San Francisco Bay Area "Peninsula" region), in California. I was at CityDrinker for four months. I was homeless in the Peninsula for over 10 years.

Now I am left to fend for the fight of minting myself "DevOps engineer" a job title within the LinkedIn search engine to preseve the very reason why I came in a timely manner. CityDrinker Dan or Francis can recommend me for something I'd be happier doing. 

Sentimental 🌐 ccTLD-holding cracking w/ Forbes Business Aunt (step-mother) and Illumination Entertainment CEO IMDB Aunt (father) I also had a Berkeley student half-sister.

The most important thing to me is my generation. You can tell also; this is the reason why I preserve Palo Alto. The Stanford was my family sadness, where I wore the "Stanford Alumni" shirt from their gift store in the 5th grade yearbook photograph. In addiiton, my sister went to school at Berkeley, further making me want school from my parent's generation. You could say, yes, that I'm in the peninsula for a reason. They even gave me that .co business card at Palo Alto's Coupa Cafe.

🥷🖍📸🎞📀🌴 Note: I didn’t know you could get high off these Delta-9 THC gummies until a friend told me. Now I’m a believer.


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Homeless Digital Dreams are Trouble

 Charles Thompson, 41,("California") is from zonefileyouth.com. Zonefileyouth.com is about my struggles, here at mixed.cam where I mix them up for therapeutic reasons. I got my camera permission and happiness arises from doing the code yourself. I have been homeless through IRC practically, seeing all the piracy areas and exclusive hacking FIENDS that we were as fools trying to attack ccTLDs.  I have gone and seen the consequences of minors and internet, it isn't the first time trouble has abrewed. With my 🌐 worldwide takedown 🎓 on these nations I represent the highest most educated GED publish. 

I am the following fellows that made an era involving Solar Designer, creator of the "return to libc attack" in common Linux libraries. I had fun compiling bundles with UCF NFO generator, or the United Cracking Force were involved with me, via EFNet IRC when I was a kid. I think the "intromaker" kit was a Borland compiled ASM generator for .com files. They motivated me enough future to learn base-16 numbers (hexidecimal to and from decimal) out of possibilities. Think now, I had the fun and freedom of a great feeling being the one that got on a versions.txt by panasync, the creator of BitchX(.com). I don't use that client any more, and I think it does support SSL by now. 

It is years-passed in the way 🗺  but, that I bring you lastest thing, mixed.cam. A sensation, about the very passions for great music and new discoveries. In computers enough to mark a completion to make myself stronger. I saw vultures eating gophers at Atascedero State Hospital, the very same thing. I find dead things in an internet wasteland. 

So attempts at trying a college for code hadn't worked well. I carried freshman composition with me, so that I may write good pieces of art work  that my old scraps from notebook studies. for this site's best wish, may I go to school or learn DevOps through a training for only $1700? I'm not sure yet. 

So more panasync and me, kinesis ("goat"), the "nicked one" of his BitchX IRC client for breaking holes in his fix_color_ascii() function using only randomness and spontaneity. That very spontaneity is I have is a hidden remark of distinctness.  Napster never knew me but left me in his DNS spoof along side his girlfriend. IRC had a napster :) We were there.

One thing LONG forgotten was the exploit for Solaris called ./wow. I also had an exploit trusted to me that could hard reboot Windows 98 machines. These were fun times and I'd like to go to DEFCON to represent the history and heritage of ex-internet infrastructure "crackers" such as myself. 🧺 Buy THC-9 Gummies to find a slight intoxication

Getting motivated to learning the ins/outs of  hexidecimal conversion computer's math and Python regular expression.

✅ digitalpipelines.com PCI Compliance Adult-- https://www.linkedin.com/in/zonefileyouth - and that's not the first box I've had root on. I also had to fix a SCO UNIXWare server's tape backup feature at a tire shop, Performance Tire. Imagine this hustler getting the systems work. I worked for a builder doing his network and Macintosh purchases. I was like a cash guide for him through San Diego. He paid really well. Goodbye and good night.



I didn’t know I could tap into the vast untold with terabyte disk space until an acquaintance sorted it out.  A microSDXC 0.5~1.5 TB offers impactful storage for more of your photography and video. It provides storage for documents and more, 📸 all the while being fast enough to be your Recollection for every one of your best moments🚰


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Ending my homeless chapter, after decades

Talked to the public guardian conservator office representitve concerning my release time from the Cordilleras "MHRC" hospital and I was told to sleep less and attend more groups, so I'll be working on that approach to see if it lets me out. I took a couple pictures in the hospital when I went to group this afternoon, hope you enjoy ☕️.

My Recovery Journey Through Mental Health Recovery Redwood City

I took photos in an art group. Cordilleras utilizes a 'point system' to exchange for toothpaste, soap, and other essential items that benefit the circumstance over poverty. Points are given for showering, doing laundry, making the bed, combing the hair, changing clothes, and brushing the teeth. Points are also given for attending scheduled groups. The points can be spent at the "points store" 🏬 to benefit the life of the patient.

I'm currently conservator kept, so I can't exit yet. This is a county hold, for purpose of mental health rehabilitation. Redwood City is a cool place. I am most fond of it, from its stunning wildlife to its welcoming of a dev ops engineer Charles Thompson, at Shopkick or Snowflake- two companies there. Redwood City is also home to Oracle, a software company. So I do like it here! Plus, I forgot to mention, they have marijuana shopfronts to get all the recreational health things I need. Having some kratom at Cordilleras would be like owning a small MP3 player for a bit. 

Sadly, they didn't agree. ★ I am going to be flexing into code soon. Probably after I'm gone from here. My ideal job is minimum wage, as I have a concealed GEshtu-E and it will benefit me later.