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Hi, I am Charles.

I am young, my age is 41. I own limitsite.tech (and the respective limitsite.com so nobody competes) and I'm exactly satisfied with my recent $20 spent at Namecheap.com Registrar. I have considered moving back to Temecula, CA, which was a place of my youth. I'm approaching readiness GED in the domains of language arts, science, social studies, and mathematical reasoning. With this internet domain in subject I am going to serve the Redwood City, CA area with graces and courtesy to all. My SSI continues when I leave, so I'll be at the "board and care". Maybe I'll skip minimum wage and be a technology worker freelance.

Dear Demarcus,

🎒📀 The value I pocketed off of Namecheap is so killer, bro. Thank you! LIMITs.tech was considered, but it was $650. So I found "limitsite.com" available on https://www.belizenic.bz 💼. Old hacking days of adolescent youth brought me some kindness and expertise knowing about .BZ and just keeping track of where history was. The story is, I use to have root uid 0 on Linux of Belize *.BZ 'NIC'.  I was 16, and that was Belize (*.bz). It's your favorite country too, De Marcus! I did not buy the limitsite.com directly from them, but instead went to my Namecheap account to make it active. I paid and its live in the DNS. Demarcus, you've been a friend since young times and I appreciate you stuffing my pockets with internet names. 🥕 Some will do really well. I have my eyes on some that I think will make an impact in the years to come.    Come learn and grow with me! 

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Chuck's Blog 🔥💊

So far, as the story goes, I got picked up by cops and taken to Cordilleras of Redwood City, a local place to Maguire Jail where I have frequented due to being homeless. Last time I was at Maguire I set a fire at a park to stay warm but faced no charges. But I would say that the stay has been productive. I'm developing well under medication and structured therapy.

So today I got some unique pictures after some convincing from a friend I got some outside nature walk 🚶🏼‍♂️ done. I'm getting some bomb-ass domains fool. You have no idea how cool they will be. One of them is good enough to make money with doing technology work part time. I like it. If I get Flask or Django to work I'll make professional websites as freelance projects.

The goal would be for $450-500 a piece. On the way through the nature walk 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 I encountered some friendly people walking their dogs. I do like Redwood City and the neighborhoods related. I have to get myself up on my feet to succeed, I am not, I am certainly not, a stranger anyway. I am far apart though from the real world of tax-payer kind, at the mental hospital nature preserve is something that people would consider.

You are a J-Cat? What's a "J-Cat"? It means someone who takes psychiatric medications to survive. I got my phone, my Texas Instruments TI30XS calculator for the GED, and a passage. We are going to do my GED UP IN HERE! 🌐 Already my other hacker friend Daniel graduated, how cool. 
I believe Atrahasis was among his legend, long ago. Bleak ages of the Mesopotamian Sumer and We-Ilu is a shortened version of his name. He represents his namesake. I have been lame even called out by Napster from it as a child. Although I got to have fun root on ccTLD names shit got serious when I hit adulthood.


Zone File Youth: Best to All walks, Dogs included.

I live near Caltrain and Burlingame and my plans are to work at a bakery, supermarket, Auto Zone parts, or O'Reilly. I have learned my lessons from life, skipping a loss of privilege under felony title. I am not going back to arrest ever again, I promise. Plus, I'm dependable and unique 🔑. I have taken time aside to become wiser, and this is a well-represented time. Almost time to take my GED to study, so best wishes! 🍰

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💻 Living with Hands-on (zonefileyouth.com)

I'm getting ready for some Python and my GED. Follow me there to see my progress! I've been playing GENSHIN IMPACT for Android and am interested in the online Master's degree from Berkeley.  I got the head start on AI concepts like LLM Langchain, and so on. I did look at something llama-65b while watching the Youtube video detail the results of Apache 'h2o', a git repository that added value to my search. It shows everything to begin my journeys to API open source. I'm as strong in general Linux systems computing as to know what 'opcodes' are. I'm probably a younger student as I can move quick over things that people need.  I know something about LLaMa by Facebook Meta AI.

For now, I'm trying to get a job, but I'm not a GED graduate just yet. So slow at Python and clearly in the realm of those most established when it comes to programming.  I am glad I don't care, and am almost ready to take my own. orga.sm

  but I have a strong feel of the sense for what a job is. ~~ I can learn things so far. It's been good.

NyArch Linux is the cutest distribution for fans of anime and manga (msn.com) 

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Hiya, everyone.

Yea, so I think depression is over. I have been taking 200 MG fluvoxamine. Next up is fluoxetine to give a better shot towards outcome. I have discussed the desired change with Dr. Quanbeck, although today do feel a resolve in anti-depressant fluvoxamine, which I currently take (200 MG). Maybe it's afterglow will aid recovery. It (Prozac fluoxetine) seems a smart plan and 💊 🚰 🍵 I've taken fluoxetine before. Last time I was on 20-40 MG I had a good ride in life. It was memorable and I've concluded that Prozac really works for my condition in the past, I'm hoping to get an active response again. This time using 50, 70, 90 or whatever else -- just that I want up to or over 60 MG to be used. If possible I'll journal my depression OCD fight here on the live Joomla chat area.

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I said it helps for disinhibition and anxiety, this turned into a nightmare.  Xanax compliments a healthy social life and I want it. 

Discriminated Patient by Cordilleras

As I said on Twitter they are cops:
"wow man, these cordilleras employees are cops, this is cop medicine without a civil right.. so I wasn't able to get alprazolam for my social anxiety, but I wrote a grievance and ight try to sue for $50,000 since I'm motivated to do it. Stop killing me, cops."

I wonder why I can't have common medicine, a schedule IV is nothing and they give it already to someone here, instead of me, and they keep ignoring that fact. He hides behind HIPAA. They cannot say they don't give alprazolam for social anxiety disorders, when "A" gets his clonazepam from Dr. Hastik, the female doctor. Wht's sad about it is I am better than him, why is needed medicine about being worthy? He gets coffee too.

I can't call the cops. I have to take my $50,000 emotional distress claim and win.

They left me afraid and without medicine

Hi what cordilleris were Dr quanbeck is doing wrong his pharmaceutical representative Shannon is there to say that I can't have my quality of life repaired by the medical board of California and fraudulent doctor thank you very much. The reason I say they are fraudulent is they give carbon paper and I couldn't gety diazepam prescription recorded for a prescription in my own established outpatient care. This, Ask picture receipt-less indicates I'm given a magician carbon form that doesn't even have carbon copy referrals keep for file receipt like the jail does This is worse than jail I'm denied my medication and they claim to be freedom under the United States flag This is my lawsuit against cordilleras.

This is the document provided for grievance I have written my say in the photograph attached we're going to find out if cordolaris really heals individuals or if they leave them in pain.
Here is the attached document that they provided on carbon paper that a judge would say is not a receipt if I'm not in the obvious background that I've included as well which is their counter.
Here are the pictures associated with the rejection of modern medicine in the United States
Notes taken at 4:40PM Wednesday, June 5th. Liar "Magician" Dr. quanbeck says coffee is an addiction and is all armored in deceit about my wellness after discovering I have SAD and situational "fit-in":nervous system response. I took   1 MG at the mall in Riverside or other San Diego Mall and within 1 hours I got a girl for a date.. It is a miracle for my situational anxiety which is counselings next effort if even possible.  CBT could do it. They're abusing me giving me the wrong drugs like Seroqusl and anti psychotics
-- Facebook vent, medicine 💊 situation, #housing #fairness, and more.

I did a "#grievance" about "Alprazolam", a liar is here. They give Clonazepam to someone else. utter nonsense regarding prescription class benzodiazepines I don't even have an arrest record for drugs! I could small claims them. #discrimination #magicians #SnakeMedicine #Treason #UNITED_STATES! #Cordilleras #California #redwoodcity #Unhealthy

Like dude, why is it so unhealthy to have a bottle of alprazolam after always been said and all that's being done. Why I'm still getting the snakes ladder with carbon copies that aren't even authentic that represent no law exist they don't even give medical records for my Valium I previously had here they gave me falsified carbon documents that don't even look legitimate they hide it they're hiding medicine for me or not or it's all played it right how realistic is that it's all play to stop me from having Xanax alprazolam.
without medicine Cordilleras is hurting me more than the jail.

Everyone knows I'm here at Cordilleras because they are demolishing their old buildings and moving their magicians and false civil immunity elsewhere

so in a response I took valid photographs of me living here plus the grievance.

I have done no crime and the Menlo Park police department owe me $220.

Why neglect of a human like this?