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Cries to Snowflake, for Linux Sys. Admin or Dev Ops, coming up is Ansible reaches via playbooks and proceeding. 
Charles Thompson
doing good, goal to work at snowflake in my ideal redwood city could be successful. today we got Ansible, a much have for 'system administrator' or 'devops engineer' specifics. next is certainly a GED so nobody can say I'm not legitimate as 1998-2001 DNS rootkit hacker experienced.
Charles Thompson
I want to work somewhere like that (Snowflake). Are you giving away fullstack or DevOps training for a ccTLD World Hacker PRestige like me? I'm local to Redwood City. Here's my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waaoz4AGLHQ
I have ccTLD background and have to find coder upstart in my premise. I wanted DevOps but nobody lets me in. Maybe I will try labs for DevOps soon.
To learn:
Overall 12yr+ in IT which includes hands-on experience implementing DevOps, CICD automation, on-prem to cloud migration,
Build & Release Management (SCM), Infrastructure Management, Cloud (AWS)
Distributed Repository management: GITHUB, GITLAB
Continuous integration: Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Bamboo, Quickbuild
Application packaging & deployment: Maven, ANT
Java Application Server Administration: Tomcat, Jboss, Weblogic
Scripting: Bash scripting, Python
Configuration management tools: Ansible
Container Technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, GKE, EKS, ECS
Ansible is OK so far, could get a job as just "Linux Administrator" but if I want more I have to struggle through learning the rest of the material. I will see how hard it is to master Ansible then move on. This will be while working for minimum wage somewhere temporarily. Min. wage in CA, US is like $16 now, so it shouldn't be so difficult.
I'm up for #Ansible soon. The endeavor to mastery of this subject could be based off Reddit's /r/devops or just on my friends' ideas. Either way that's an entry to Linux Administrator (job) or Dev Ops,also a listed job, but harder, need specialty specifics to do it. #fyp #emergingtech #emergingprofessionals
Advancing in Python has been stark due to abundant of overhead information. I could writing down what I'm working on and being more in control of each method's set of functions (I use 'dir()', 'help()', and 'objexplore as explore'). 
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